Home Learning Projects

  • Caring for Animals - Spring 1

    New home learning project - Due on Thursday 4th February 2016

    Choose an animal that may need a new home. Research this animal and find out lots of information about it by using books, and the internet.

    Next create a poster about this animal, sharing some of the facts you have found. Don’t forget to share the information which would be important for someone who is going to care for this animal.

    Once you have finished creating your poster, share it with your friends and family. Ask them if they would consider looking after this animal you have described. Try to make sure that you only use facts about the animal, but use persuasive language to encourage people.


  • Turrets and Tiaras - Summer 1

    Due Friday 20th May

    Do some research about the topic and find an area that you are particularly interested in, and that you would like to share with the rest of the class. It could be about castles, royalty, the Tudors, or anything that engages you within the realms of TURRETS AND TIARAS!

    Next create a lesson or activity to share with the rest of the class about this area of the topic. You will need to share your knowledge, and teach others some skills along the way. It may be that you want to teach the class about the differences between crowns and tiaras, then devise an activity for the children to practice comparing and sorting these items.

    You could choose to create this project alone, or if you prefer, you could work collaboratively with other children in the class to create and deliver your learning activity.



  • Road to Rio - Summer 2

    Due Monday 11th July

    The Olympic rings symbolise the colours used in the flags of all countries from the 5 inhabited continents of the world. We will put the children into small groups and will assign each group a different continent to research! Each group will also be given one of our school values.

    What you need to do:

    Working collaboratively with your group, you need to do some research about your continent. It is up to you what topic you want to focus on.

    Maybe you would like to tell us about the geography or climate of your continent? Or perhaps you would like to focus on a particular country in your continent? Or an athlete from that part of the world. Do not forget to involve your chosen value!

    Next, in your groups, create a presentation to share with the rest of the class about your chosen area of interest. You will need to decide how you would like to present your topic. It may be that you want to use PowerPoint, or you may prefer to use photographs, pictures or even a poster.