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Thank you, and have a great summer!

It is with great pride that we spend our last week with the Bumblebees!  We have learned so much together, and it has been so much fun! Here are some of our pictures from our trip to Thetford forest…       And today, we went for another walk in our forest…but we were suddenly ambushed! … Continued

Olympic athletes, and our Road to Rio Home Learning Projects!

We have been busy finishing our Olympic athletes in our groups this week.  Can you tell which sport they compete in? We have shared our home learning projects with our groups, and they have been so exciting!   We even got the chance to create our own tornados! Here they are in action! Here you … Continued

Reading Books

Just a little note to let you know that we will be taking in all the reading books this Friday in order to be able to organise them ready for next year.  Please ensure all books come in tomorrow. Do continue to read over the summer, details of the Summer Reading Challenge will be out … Continued

Sports Day Fun!

What a wonderful day of sport we had today! First, we welcomed John and Ian to the school.  They talked to us about how people with different disabilities can succeed and participate in a variety of sports, by just making small adjustments and by persevering and not giving up. We tried visually impaired football, boccia, … Continued


This week we are focusing on our value of GRATITUDE.  We have been discussing what we are grateful for and we even had the opportunity to share this with some of our grandparents, and older friends who support and care for us.    We had a wonderful afternoon tea, where we served scones with cream and … Continued


As you are aware, the children completed the Phonics Screening Check a few weeks ago.  You will find out your child’s score in their upcoming report which will be handed out on Friday.  The score is out of a possible 40 marks in total. We are thrilled to share with you that all of the children … Continued

What a week! It’s been mind-blowing!

This week has been a wonderfully creative week of art, poetry, exploratory thinking and stretching our minds! We discussed this statement: Some of the things we shared were… “I think it would be bad because people wouldn’t know it was night so they wouldn’t sleep!” JR “But if the sky was always blue, there would … Continued

Blue Sky Week

Welcome to Blue Sky Week!  Today we launched the week with an official opening of our art installation “We are all under the same sky”.  We met the architects who were responsible for our school building, and the artist, Ruth, who created the art. Bumblebees then launched into their new art project, inspired by the … Continued

The Tunnel!

This week we have started looking at the story…The Tunnel by Anthony Browne! We looked at the front cover, and we made predictions.  We talked about what we noticed, what we might hear if we were there, and how we would feel… Then, we opened the book and read the introduction.  We met the two … Continued

Look at our harvest!

We have now taken in our first harvest….LETTUCE!  The children really enjoyed eating the different varieties we have grown, and some even went in for seconds and third helpings! Why not try growing some at home yourself?

Home Learning Project Update!

We have spent some time looking at our home learning projects and talking in our groups to help clarify what each member of the group is responsible for. Here is a list of the ideas the children have had, and what they need to prepare for their presentation.  Children also have a copy in their … Continued

Cricket, geography and some phonics thrown in for good measure!

The children have been developing their PE skills of throwing and catching this week, and also starting to strike a ball using a bat.  They have been introduced to cricket and have thoroughly enjoyed scoring runs…even if the weather has meant that this has had to happen inside! In our learning about our new topic, … Continued

Thank you and goodbye Miss Hill

This week has been Miss Hill’s final week with Bumblebees, and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU for all the wonderful learning we have shared!  (Thank you for a great year) This week we have been learning about 2D shapes, and their properties. Try and solve these challenges: SHAPE CHALLENGE Can you … Continued

Welcome back!

Here we are, the last half term and what glorious weather we are having! Today we shared the last of our Home Learning Projects, and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the activities together!  Just take a look!        Some of the activities were very graceful!  Watch this Tudor dance: Now, we are … Continued

We are all under the same sky!

Today we commenced our second morning of art “We are all under the same sky”. The children were given a sky from the installation and they had to draw and paint a picture of themselves as a person from that place!   Have a relaxing and enjoyable half term.  Spend some time reading books together, … Continued

May the banquet commence!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  What a wonderful effort everyone made today!  And an extra special thank you to those of you who brought in food for the children to share…it was delicious!     First thing today we used colours and patterns to create our first initial of our names in illustrated text!  They … Continued

A morning of Art!

This morning, Bumblebees engaged in their first of 2 art sessions with professional artist: Under one sky!               

Maths & Phonics for the weekend!

In maths this week we’ve been continuing with our multiplication and have been learning all about making equal groups. We’ve learnt that it is much easier to make equal groups with even numbers. When we had 12 grapes we could makes lots of different equal groups. But when we had 13 grapes, we found it … Continued

Tudor Banquet!

We are really excited about holding our Tudor Banquet on Wednesday 25th May (TUDOR BANQUET LETTER).  Please do not panic about costumes, during the day we will be holding many activities including making Tudor headdresses and other Tudor accessories.  We will also be using our Tudor coats of arms that the children have designed in … Continued

Phonics help!

Here are some videos to help read the sounds that we were finding tricky! sound                              word                                alien word x                                        fox                                   yuxol sound                              word                                alien word ur                                      burning                            urbim sound                              word                                alien word ew                                     stew                                ewdip    

A Note for Parents

Just a couple of notices for parents: Reminder – Home Learning projects are due to be completed by Friday this week. We will be sharing the children’s learning next week, so please do bring in any things they will need this Friday 20th May.  Here is the information again, for your convenience: Home learning Summer 1 Year … Continued

The plot thickens!

This week, we are continuing with our own adventure stories involving the dragon.  Well, it has been totally gripping, and has left us with goose-bumps and desperate to hear more!  This week we received a rather strange letter from an extraordinary knight.  But, he was not just any knight.  He was the bravest, strongest, most … Continued

This week’s learning!

This week the Bumblebees have been busy continuing with their multiplication!  This time, they have been using Numicon to represent their multiplications, or “lots of” calculations.  They have worked independently and as part of a group to solve multiplications!    We have learned about the COMMUTATIVE LAW which states that if 4 x 2 = … Continued

Maths Dot Day!

Today we have enjoyed a day of maths inspired by a dot! First we created a pattern of dots with our partner, and used this pattern to create patterns of music using our instruments.      Take a look at a one of our performances: In art, we read the story of THE DOT… …and we used … Continued


As you are aware, the phonics screening is fast approaching (the week commencing 13th June) so we are working hard to support all the children in applying their phonics. The screening is split into 2 sections.  One part is based on real words which the children sound out and read, which may be familiar, and … Continued

Multiplication and more!

This week Bumblebees have started learning about multiplication.  They have been looking at arrays like these… They have been saying what they can see…”I can see 3 lots of 2, that means the same as 3 x 2 which is equal to 6″.  They also learned that the COMMUTATIVE LAW means that 3 x 2 … Continued

Off with their heads!

This week the children have arrived at school to a transformation!  Our new topic: Turrets and Tiaras has begun with a bang!       Firstly, the children received a letter from the King of Hearts…his wife, the Queen is livid! Someone has stolen her tarts, and we needed to do something before anyone lost their … Continued

Happy Easter!

What a whirlwind term!  So much fun and learning! The children have been trying hard to practise their handwriting, and we are starting to see some great improvements in our joins.  Keep practising over the holidays using Letter Join on your tablets, or computers.    You will be pleased to hear that the Troll is here … Continued

A new addition to Bumblebees!

We are very excited to welcome Miss Hill to Bumblebees starting this Wednesday 23rd March.  Miss Hill will be joining us for her final placement from Homerton College, and will be working with Bumblebees until June. Please do come and say hello to Miss Hill on Wednesday morning.

Learning from the week!

In maths this week we have been practicing adding by making 10.  The children have used counters to make both the numbers on a ten frame, then they have moved them to make ten so that it is easy to see the answer. Here is a video of a couple of the children explaining how they were … Continued

Have you seen our troll?

This morning, Bumblebees received another letter from Mr Biddulph.  He read the troll’s letters (ours!) and really regrets sacking him!  We went to try and find him before it was too late!  But all we found was his suitcase packed and ready to go.  Inside it had a letter to Mr Biddulph, a picture of … Continued

Unemployment looms for Mr Troll!

Today, the children received a letter from Mr Biddulph, informing them that Mr Troll is in a lot of trouble… We couldn’t believe that the troll could end up unemployed and homeless over this event!  So, we decided to help Mr Troll write a letter to Mr Biddulph, to try and change his mind! Do … Continued

Changes to Drop Offs – Summer Term – PLEASE READ

Please read this letter from Mr Biddulph regarding the changes for next term. HT letter to Y1 and 2 re morning start 2016

What a day!

It is only Monday, and so much has been happening in Bumblebees already! In Literacy, we shared some incredible ideas about our story: The Billy Goat’s Gruff, through thought tapping.  The children came up and touched a character on the shoulder, to be able to speak their thoughts aloud.  What amazing sentences we heard!  So … Continued

This week’s learning journey!

This week the children in Bumblebees have been sharing what they know in maths!  They have been looking at numbers which are one more, and one less than a given number, counting forwards and backwards in steps of 1, 2, 5 and 10, and they have been adding and subtracting.      Can you spot … Continued

Assembly video!

Just in case you wanted another look, here is the video of the children singing in assembly last Friday!  Enjoy!

World Book Day!

Today has been such a wonderful day for the Bumblebees!  Thank you so much for all the effort you put into the costumes for the class today!  They looked amazing, and it was so fantastic to see and hear about their favourite characters! Today the children took part in a variety of activities including some … Continued

Music to the ears!

Today, Bumblebees had a special visitor who treated them to some musical magic!  The children learned some new songs, including this warm up…THE BANANA SONG!

World Book Day 2016

Just a little note to say that we will be celebrating WORLD BOOK DAY on Friday 4th March. Please come into school dressed as your favourite character from a children’s book.  Bring in £1 to help us raise money for our new library!  Here are some books to inspire you…     Please also take a … Continued

Back to school!

This week Bumblebees have been busy buzzing around and learning more about animals. This half term we are focusing on SAVE THE ANIMALS, and we have been asking questions stating what we want to learn!    In our maths, we have been learning about place value.  Ordering and comparing numbers using the language of greater … Continued

Insects come to school!

This week we hosted some small, and not-so-small, friends who came in to help us learn about insects.  We looked at different creatures and their habitats, and how they have adapted to camouflage themselves from predators.  The class were very excited to hold the stick insects, and some of them really got excited about meeting us! … Continued

We are back online! Here’s what we got up to week before last…

Apologies for the silence!  Due to technical difficulties, we have been unable to update our blog, but it seems that we are now back online! Just a little recap of the last 2 weeks of learning! We had our final week with the chicks in school.  We have spent lots of time with our feathered … Continued

Book changing – a reminder

Just a little reminder to make sure children bring in their reading record books and reading books daily.  We endeavour to hear children read when we change their books, as it helps us to find the right book for them.  This means we can change books throughout the week. Do check Bug Club for new … Continued

How they have grown!

The chicks have been chirping away all weekend, and have been very busy eating and sleeping.  They have tried some fruit, and they are now eating twice as much as they were on Friday!  You may not even recognise them on Monday!     They are starting to spread their wings, and they are getting some … Continued

What a week!

At the end of a whirlwind week in Bumblebees, we can reflect on a huge amount of learning! In maths we have been learning about measurement, specifically measuring length and height.  The class have been using standard and non-standard units to measure and solve problems together.  We have been comparing length and height using this … Continued

Art project starts with a huge splash of colour!

Today was the first of three art sessions in school, where the children will be working with Mrs McManniman on a collaborative art project.  The theme is “Bringing the colour to school” and that could not be a more suitable title for today’s creativity! The children explored different types of line, twisting, jumping, straight and … Continued

Egg-citing News!

Today has been a very exciting day!  Today we saw 2 of our new little feathered friends hatch in school!  The chicks emerged totally exhausted but chirping away!    *BREAKING NEWS* At 6:30pm our 3rd chick hatched at school, looking very tired and happy to stretch out!  

An appeal for art resources!

This week the children will be starting an art project entitled “Bringing the colour to school”.  In order for us to prepare for the project, we are appealing for resources.  If you have any of the items below to hand, please do bring them in to class, or to the office, so that we can … Continued

Happy New Year!

We have had a great first week back at school, and the children are excited about next week and the “visitors” we are egg-specting!  This week they have been busy writing instructions on how to care for the eggs and subsequent chicks which will emerge, so look out around the school for their posters and … Continued