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The grand finale!

Wow! What a week! We went to Thetford Forest and was a huge success, thank to for all your help and taking our advice. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we have been reading the Highway Rat back at school! The children worked collaboratively to create dens, complete nature trials and help each other in … Continued

Family Friday and more

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of those who came to Family Friday to celebrate all of the wonderful progress the children have made this year. It was great to see so many smiling faces and hear so many laughs and explanations of work. Thank you also for your kind words to the teachers … Continued

Shapes, Summer and Shadows

This week has been another scorcher of both weather and learning. In phonics we have been learning lots of spelling rules and been getting to grips with how to add “ed” to a word. Next week we continue our suffix learning and will become experts in using “er”and “est” to show comparison (smaller and taller) … Continued

A summer sizzler!

Wow! What a week of sun, fun and learning! This week has been the height of summer and we have had some extremely hot days! Thank you for bringing sun hats and bottles of water. We took this weather opportunity to talk about being safe in the sun and making sure we look after ourselves … Continued

Get ready for take off!

This week we have had an extremely busy week. We have not only had some very special visitors (who said how impressed they were with the Year 1 children and how much of a pleasure it was to play with them when they came on to our Learning Street and Outdoor Learning Environment) but we … Continued

Up, up and away!

This week, in the spirit of the World Cup, we have been on a whistle stop tour of 3 different countries: Russia, Brazil and Japan. This was to start our unit on Information texts – we are going to write our own Travel Brochure. It has also been great to see how many different teams … Continued

Welcome back!

We cannot believe that we are now in the final half term of the year! It has gone so incredibly quickly! Although this week has only been a short one, that has not stopped us from doing lots of amazing learning, going to Forest School and exploring our new Learning Street! In Maths, we have … Continued

Happy Half Term!

Well, we can’t believe it! Another half term has been and gone and we have done so much! Lots of progress has been made and it was wonderful to share this with you today at Family Friday. Maths this week we have been showing our teachers all that we know about multiples of 10 and … Continued

Magical machines!

This week we have been exploring all the robots that we have in our homes! We realised that robots are machines that help us so we have loads all around us! We read the book “Until I met Dudley” and loved the idea of dragons making our toast and cats licking our plates clean in … Continued

Robots galore!

Another week of superb learning and we have been so lucky to have seen not one, not two but three visitors this week! Our first visitor was from Amazon Alexa who spoke about how robots have developed over the years and how they can be a little bit like our own brains but not exactly … Continued

Robot Land fantasy!

This week has been exploring and developing our fantasy world of Robot Land. We have created out own character to make our robot feel an emotion and we have planned what the journey will be. We also had some playful enquiry time in English and we chose to practise our phonics by helping each other … Continued

The robots are coming!

This week we said good bye to the sun but hello to all the robots and our new fantasy text “The robot and the bluebird” by David Lucas. We learnt all about how a fantasy has to be in a different world and that things that are impossible in real life can happen in a … Continued

Welcome back!

This week has been short but we have done so much! Firstly, we welcomed Miss Bates to the teaching team and we are so excited for all that is to come this term! On Wednesday we discussed what we thought made a compassionate citizen and our teachers were so proud of our ideas. We know … Continued

Happy Easter!

We cannot believe that another term is over! This week has been busy, as always.   In maths we have been exploring mass and how to make things balanced. We also learnt that not all large things are the heaviest – small things can be heavy too. We found this out by sorting lots of … Continued

Family Friday

Well, it doesn’t seem that along ago since we last had a Family Friday. Although it hasn’t been long since we last saw each other, we still loved showing you all of our wonderful progress and the challenges that we have completed. Also this week we felt a bit guilty for blaming the Big Bad … Continued

A welcome return!

This week we were so excited to welcome back Miss Bates! We are so happy to have her back and she will be working with the Year 1 as she did before. Our learning this week has also been as exciting as we have been really thinking hard about our number facts and all the … Continued

Celebrating progress!

This week has been a wonderful week of learning and it was brilliant to be able to share and celebrate all of this with you at our Learning Conversations on Tuesday and Thursday! Thank you for all your support and engagement.   This week we have also been learning lots about how to ask questions, … Continued

Oh the weather outside is frightful!

Well, what a week! We have had it all in Year 1: learning, rainbows, snow, books and more! Just another wonderful week for us at UCPS! In maths we have started to count in 2s and sort our Mr Smith’s mistakes. He got mixed up when making pictures of things that come in 2s and … Continued

Welcome back!

It was wonderful to welcome back so many smiling faces on Monday to start this next half term and in Year 1 we have hit the ground running and learnt so much! On Monday we continued our art, music and PE carousel of learning and emerged ourselves in our new topic for this half term: … Continued

Special BLOG: Keep your child safe online

This is a special BLOG to give you guidance about how to keep your child safe online. The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But with the digital world changing all the time, how can you make sure your child’s staying safe? It’s … Continued

Happy Half Term!

We can’t believe it! It’s another half term over and it’s officially the half way point of the year! The time has gone so incredibly quickly and we have learnt so much and made so much wonderful progress! Thank you to all of you who came to our Family Friday. It was simply wonderful to … Continued


This week has been an amazing week of learning and we have enjoyed so many wonderful activities.   On Tuesday we had our Mind, Body and Soul Day. We practised our active listening and did some amazing responsive drawing on the playground: we let the chalk do what it wanted in response to what we … Continued

It’s not a stick!

As always, we have been extremely busy in Year 1 this week. Our creative thinking has helped release our imaginations and we have been exploring “juicy questions” whilst we did philosophy on Diversity Day. In English, we continued the writing process and were so lucky to be visited by an author and illustrator who gave … Continued

Time flies when you have fun!

We can’t believe it’s already a week ago since we published our last blog. We have been learning lots and lots and had lots of exciting learning experiences! In English we have been using our “not sticks” to release our imagination ready to help us write our very own novel next week! Our “not sticks” … Continued

A week of Happiness!

This week we have made so much progress in our learning! We have written our “Happiness is…” poem after we edited our ideas and added adjectives to make them more exciting. We also drew what made us happy and used our adjectives to make sure we drew all the correct details in our images. In … Continued

Happy New Year and welcome back!

Happy New 2018 and welcome back! We have had a busy few days and already done so much wonderful learning. On Wednesday, we spent most of the day reminding ourselves how brilliant we are! We made a class promise and then got together with Year 2 to listen all about our new topic: All You … Continued

Good tidings of joy!

This week we have been getting into the spirit of Christmas! In maths we have been using our knowledge of number bonds to ten to break codes and reveal secret Christmas pictures! In Geography we have been learning about the countries that make up the UK and their capital cities. We had to label a … Continued

Moving and Shaking: Week 6

As the end of our first full term draws to a close, students are still busy at work! We have been quite impressed with the learning this week, especially in writing. As many of you saw this morning at Family Friday, the children have made vast improvements in writing, and have done some great writing … Continued

Busy Week Busy Season!

Year One has had a fantastic week that ended on a particularly exciting note- the Fire Brigade came on Friday! The local Cambridgeshire firemen came and gave us an opportunity to see what the Fire of London looked and felt like on small scale! In the classroom, students worked on the phonics sounds ‘ure’ and … Continued

Wow! What a week!

We have had a lovely week of learning and been very busy writing letters to our “naughty fairy” and also finding all the ways to make 8 and 9. We even learnt all about commutative law!     On top of all of this, we have also been practising ow and oi in phonics and … Continued

A Celebration of Our Achievements

A big thank you to children and parents for attending the inspiring ‘Learning Conservations’ this week, It was wonderful to celebrate the children’s achievements with you. This week we have focused much of our Phonics learning on high frequency words. We have been calling them ‘tricky words’ and learning to read them through sight recognition. Can you spot any of … Continued

A welcome return!

Our Camp FireWe were so excited to start school again after our holiday and we couldn’t wait to start learning again! We have had a really busy week of revisiting all we know about < and > in maths. We also were challenged by remembering all we had learnt about the number 5 – how … Continued

Week 7

We are pleased to announce that Year One has completed a very successful first half of the term! Each week brings new challenges and rewards. The students have worked really hard and ended on a high note. We would like to express our sincere thanks to parents for coming and supporting your child’s learning journey … Continued

Week Five

What an active week we have had! In our construction zone we have been building various structures including word walls. We have continued making new sounds in our kitchen area to find inspiration for our onomatopoeia poem writing. We worked really hard in writing this week and wrote Sound Poems with onomatopoeia words.We explored rhyming … Continued

Week Four

It has been a great week in Year 1! We have been putting our maths skills to work with a subtraction scavenger hunt outside, applying our phonics sounds in writing, as well as writing about words that make sounds (Onomatopoeia). We have been imaginative learners outside in the construction zone. A highlight of the outdoor … Continued

Week 3

This week has been productive and challenging in Year 1! We have thoroughly enjoyed working collaboratively to develop our outdoor learning areas, we have explored construction, role play, the mud kitchen, sand play, water play and a small world story telling corner. In maths we have been learning about the concept of ‘equals to’ e.g. … Continued

Week 2: The Adventure Continues!

We have had a very busy second week of school filled with exploring, imagining, and learning! In phonics we learnt and practised ‘qu’, ‘zz’, and common exception words ‘the’, ‘I’, ‘is’.  We especially loved writing different letters in the sand trays (writing in different ways really helps us to build up our motor skills and … Continued

New Beginnings: Our First Week

Year 1 has gotten off to a great start! We have been busy buzzing bees, fluttering butterflies, and zooming dragonflies! We have begun the school year with great attitudes and loads of enthusiasm. We met our teachers, reconnected with classmates, and learned new routines. We now know that when we line up, we stand in … Continued