Year 1

Through a wide range of rich learning opportunities, children in Year 1 continue to acquire core knowledge, understanding and skills in the context of a broad and values-based curriculum. The curriculum plans for embedded opportunities to develop productive learning habits of mind, confidence in oracy and dialogue skills and curiosity in playful enquiry. As they transition from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1 (KS1), pupils in Year 1 are gradually exposed to more structured, whole class learning and longer lesson times. Whilst independent play is gradually reduced, the children still engage in lots of practical, hands on activities, using a range of resources to develop different concepts, for example using objects to support addition and subtraction in Mathematics. More information about the curriculum for Year 1 can be accessed from this page under the following headers:
  • Year 1 Curriculum Plan: this document gives an overview of the topics studied in Year 1 for the entire school year and is what the teachers work from when planning their lesson sequences.
  • Year 1 Additional Resources: this page offers a range of links to a wealth of resource banks to help you support your children with their learning at home. It includes links to Cambridgeshire Home Learning, Mathletics, NCETM, Bug Club, BBC Teach and others.
  • The Year 1 Group Blog is published weekly by the year group teachers and gives a brief summary of children’s learning from that week, important notices for parents and home learning links or suggestions.