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So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

We can’t quite believe it but this will be our final blog entry for the year… and what a year it has been! In all areas of learning we are so proud of the journey that the children have been on and time and effort that they have made throughout the year. We would like … Continued

The grand circus finale!

What a fantastic final week of learning about the circus! The children have blown us away with their amazing skills and circus writing! On Monday we had lots of fun creating circus art, doing magic tricks, circus skill games and an incredible circus performance where we learnt to walk on a tightrope, stilts, juggle, balance … Continued

It’s TIME to come to the circus!

We have had a wonderful time this week using persuasive language to encourage people to come to the circus. English: We use adjectives to describe acts in exciting ways (the most daring and dangerous firebreather) and then used phrases such as ‘you won’t believe your eyes when you see…’, ‘you will be blown away by the…’. Maths: We explored time! … Continued

Double Trouble and Circus Adventures

Wow! The children have been delighting and inspiring us with their enthusiasm and imagination across their learning over the course of the week. Outside of our normal lessons we were treated to a LAMDA ‘taster’ session to prepare us for Year 2 when we will be doing it more regularly. We absolutely loved acting out … Continued

Circus Adventures and exploring the senses!

We’ve had a wonderful imaginative week in Year 1 and are looking forward to seeing what we can achieve as we prepare to finish Year 1 and become Year 2s! Phonics: We have been revising the idea of sentences, trying to make sure that our sentence includes a noun and a verb as well as … Continued

Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Welcome to the UCPS Circus!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Welcome to the UCPS Circus! This week the children have immersed themselves into the new circus topic with enthusiasm! The Learning Street has been carefully designed to inspire children through many mediums. On offer this term we have: A role play  box office with circus brochure designs, popcorn and … Continued

Journey through Fragments of the Sky!

We have had a wonderful week in year one exploring our theme ‘fragments of the sky’ through lots of different creative arts. We started our week with a walk around the inner circle observing the clouds from different countries and talking about words that the sky makes us think of. We have had visitors come … Continued

Happy Half Term!

We have had a lovely week in Year 1 to finish off the first half of summer term!   English: The children have written some wonderful fantasy stories in their English books that they created themselves using a stimulus for the problem (a dragon). Maths: We have continued our counting in fives, this week, challenging … Continued

Castle Constructions and Fantastical Beginnings!

As we race forward to the end of our ‘Turrets & Tiaras’ topic, we have been exploring the features of castles in more depth to support our constructions – some of our castles are looking quite spectacular, if we may say so ourselves! English: we have begun to prepare to write our fantasy stories, acting out … Continued

The Queen of Hearts and her Jam Tarts!

The Queen of Hearts! English: On Tuesday we received a letter from King Richard I requesting year 1 to use their detective skills in order to solve a terrible mystery! “On Sunday the Queen of Hearts was baking her special jam tarts, she left them to cool in the pantry and upon her return she … Continued

Turrets and Tiaras

The children have settled back into school routines well after the long Easter break. Our topic ‘Turrets and Tiaras’ is in full swing and much of our learning has been focused around castles and mythical dragons! English: This week in English we have started to explore ‘letters’. We started in a creative way and imagined … Continued

Dragons assemble!

It has been a fantastic start to the summer term! The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn, after their holidays. We have launched our new topic, focusing on dragons this week-we have used adjectives and noun phrases to describe features of the dragons, and designed our own. We have also completed our … Continued

Happy holidays!

What a fantastic term it’s been! The children have flourished and made lots of progress in their learning. It has been wonderful to watch the children learn about taking care of a plant and be able to use their knowledge to grow their own beanstalks! Remember to take care of your beanstalk over the holidays … Continued

Bean to Stalk

This week we have been linking our English learning with science to explore parts of plants and how they grow. We have also learnt about how scientists use predictions before experiments and we have conducted our own about conditions plants need to grow. Additionally this week we observed the growth of our beans and wrote … Continued

UCPS bean stalks

This week has been busy! We have been green fingered and scientific in our English lessons. We have planted our own bean stalks and made predictions about what might happen to it. Our learning about conjunctions has helped us to extend our ideas and give reasons for why we think things will happen. We also … Continued

Fe Fi Fo Fum there is a lot of measuring to be done!

Thank you to parents who attended learning conversations this week, it was a pleasure to celebrate your child’s successes with you and we look forward to working together to achieve their next steps. A big thank you in advance for supporting ‘Red Nose Day’ on Friday 15th March, don’t forget to wear RED! This week … Continued

Jack and the Beanstalk

English: ‘Fairy Tales – Jack and the Beanstalk’  Jack and the Beanstalk has excited many children this week and has been a focus for learning across the curriculum. Story boards and story maps to define beginning, middle and end were designed to support our sequencing skills in preparation for next weeks learning. Character descriptions were … Continued

Fairytale Explorers!

We have had a great first week back, the children have been really engaged in our new topic and shown fantastic enthusiasm and learning across the whole of year one! We enjoyed the opening of our new learning street and outdoor area where we have a florist, a fairy tale corner, a UCPS grand design-garden … Continued

Happy Half Term!

Wow! What a busy and exciting week we have had in Year one! We have been news reporters and finished our non-chronological reports to make sure that we help others to know how to save the planet! In Maths we have been exploring 2D shapes and their properties (how many sides? how many vertices?). In … Continued

Save energy Save the planet

This week in English we have been starting to write Non-chronological reports. We have begun by writing up our information about recycling and car emissions using conjunctions to join two sentences together. We have also been learning about food and water waste as well as renewable energy. Next week we will finish writing about these … Continued

Percy Eat your Plastic!

What a cold and frosty week at school!  English: In English we have learnt to use repeated phrases and noun phrases in a story context as they became authors and wrote their own version of ‘Daisy Eat your Peas’ as ‘Percy Eat your Plastic’. To ensure we incorporated exciting noun phrases throughout our story, we … Continued

Cold as Ice!

The topic launch ‘Cold as Ice’ was a huge success across KS1 on Tuesday morning. The children were inspired through role-play, purposeful resources and rich dialogue as they learnt about each station in the learning street. The Science Lab – Children investigate freezing and melting Ice through weekly challenges The Weather Station – Children learn … Continued

All Hail Macbeth!

We have had a fantastic start to 2019 this week! The children have settled really well back into routines and we have enjoyed hearing all about the lovely things they have done over the Christmas holiday. This week was Shakespeare week where we explored the play Macbeth. We kicked it off with some active storytelling … Continued

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful term it has been, finishing with a festive spirit in the courtyard with Dr Biddulph on the keys! This week the children have developed confidence in story writing as they became authors and wrote about a nocturnal animal who came for food; a creative spin on the classic story, ‘The Tiger Who Came … Continued

Amazing Alliteration

This week we have had a tremendous time learning about amazing alliteration to inspire us to create our own ‘Tiger Who Came to Tea’ titles about nocturnal animals, for example: ‘The Bat who Came for Breakfast’. Why not explore alliteration this weekend by giving your friends and family alliterative names such as ‘Jumping Jo’ or … Continued

Terrific Tiger Times

This week we had had a terrific tiger time exploring the story of “The Tiger Who Came to Tea.” We have been looking at deeply understanding the characters’ thoughts and feelings through the hot seating, as well as thinking of the manners the tiger needs to learn next time he visits someone’s home for tea. … Continued

A sporting success!

Sporting success! Wow, what a super afternoon we had on Wednesday at the Leys. The children thoroughly enjoyed their first school outing of year one and each and every child displayed respectful and courage when tackling new sporting challenges. The event was taught and managed by year 11 students who were amazing and enthusiastic. The … Continued

The sweet taste of hot chocolate!

A big thank you to parents who attended learning conversations, we hope that you enjoyed celebrating your child’s achievements and we look forward to seeing the children challenge themselves in their next steps. This week’s learning! English: The children have learnt about the importance of instructions and how to be clear and precise. We introduced … Continued

Bonfires, fireworks and hot chocolate!

What an eventful week it has been in Year 1, with all the excitement from Halloween last week and starting off our week with a ‘bang’ with Bonfire Night celebrations on Monday! We have been immersing ourselves in campfire cooking, firework poetry and writing recipes for the most amazing hot chocolates as well challenging our … Continued

Welcome to the Dark Side!

This week… We have introduced our new topic – the dark side, with a focus on ‘being afraid of the dark’ and reading our key text: ‘The Dark’ by Lemony Snicket. In English: We have described dark places using adjectives and talked about how the dark makes us feel. Can you use an adjective to describe … Continued

We are all heroes!

We have truly been heroes in Year 1 this half term – what an incredible beginning to our Year 1 journey! This term has been one of steady settling and raising the level of challenge for the children This week we have been wrapping up our ‘Heroes’ topic, and observing the autumn changes around us. … Continued

Going round the Twist, for Oliver Twist!

Book week has been an immersive and exciting week for us in Year 1. At the beginning of the week we were transported back to 1837 to a time where children were ‘seen but not heard’ and if you were poor then gruel and mouldy bread was what you ate every day. Since then we … Continued

Food Glorious Food!

Book week was an amazing success and we have all loved learning about Oliver Twist. Monday Year 2 became a workhouse and we all looked appropriately Victorian and workhouse ready. We rehearsed with Katie from LAMDA and then performed as a whole year group at the end of the day. On Tuesday we re told … Continued

Traction Man Action!

We’ve been diving into foamy waters, designing our own Traction Men and using descriptive language to describe different characters from our story. In English: our focus on adjectives has been taken to a whole new level with children labelling pages from traction man with fantastic words like ‘squishy’, ‘rotten’ and ‘disgusting’ – we have also … Continued

Watch out! Avalanche!

This week has been full of adventure. It’s been great to see the children becoming increasingly engaged in their learning environments, settling really well into the new routines of Year 1. During playful enquiry, we have spent more time exploring the learning street, engaging in the role play of becoming heroes. It has been inspiring … Continued

Mountain Rescuers!

This week was a week of increased challenge and exciting new learning opportunities. We’ve transitioned this week into holding daily phonics, English and Mathematics sessions and the children have courageously embrace this challenge. We have also introduced playful enquiry: excitedly exploring our learning street, using it respectfully, creating real life superheroes, cracking codes, writing thank you letters … Continued

Settling in and Making New Friends

Welcome to our first edition the Year 1 blog, we hope you all had a wonderful summer and thank you for all your support and patience as the children have been settling into their new lives as Year 1s this week. Our focus this week has been learning to learn, familiarising the children with our … Continued